Mast Climbing Platforms

Mast climbing work platform are an alternative and complementary method for work completion with steel tubular scaffolding. Mast Climbing Work Platform is the perfect solution for work on facades, window installation, bricklaying, shipyard work, plastering, painting, chimney work, balcony work & special projects.

With mast-climbers there are no need for other hoisting devices together with scaffolding (i.e. no need for cranes, telescopic loaders, personnel or material hoists = total economy is better for the project).

The building projects normally always need a combination of different equipment, i.e. scaffolding and mast climbing work platforms can be offered as a package, depending on what method is the most suitable and costs effective for the whole project or a part of the project = better total service for the contractor.

Our platforms are flexible and can be adjusted to match the dimensions of the facade. We offer high-quality platforms that can raise loads up to 8000 kg to heights of hundreds of meters with platform lengths as long as 46.2 m.


-> SC1000 (pdf/134 kb)

-> SC1300 (pdf/134 kb)

-> SC4000 (pdf/134 kb)

-> SC5000 (pdf/134 kb)

-> SC8000 NEW! (pdf/134 kb)